Archiv für Oktober, 2020

Reception report to TAM from Nippon

Samstag, Oktober 31st, 2020

Thanks again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bericht an „Radio Lesbos“

Freitag, Oktober 30th, 2020

Thanks again Frank…………..

Reception Report to RADIO LESBOS – May 2018

Donnerstag, Oktober 29th, 2020

thanks again…………….

Reception Report SW Pirate

Mittwoch, Oktober 28th, 2020

Thanks my Friend for your report about Paul/R.Caroline/R.Goofy 

Reception report to Unknown Radio from Sweden

Dienstag, Oktober 27th, 2020

Reception of Radio Summermeeting 2018

Montag, Oktober 26th, 2020
Hi Alf, first thanks for your Mailreport about the 2 SM Programs. I received your Mail on 15. July 2018!!!!!!!!!! But I can „not understand“ that I did not answer! Maybe forgotten! So sorry for that! But today here are your QSL cards!!!

You heard right Alf – 6240 KHZ played a „old“ SM Program from the last year. I produced a new SM 2018 Show with many hours and give it on a MP3 Stick for playing in Holland on the mobile TX.

But unfortunately I took the wrong MP3 player to Holland – the one with the 2017 program! gggggggggggggggrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. So I played the 2017 program again!

Greetings and till the next time Alf……….

Empfangsbericht an Radio POLKAWELLE – August 2018

Sonntag, Oktober 25th, 2020

Einmal mehr Danke, lieber …………..

Bericht an „Dr.Tim“

Samstag, Oktober 24th, 2020

Danke Frank!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

August 28, 2020 Rammstein Broadcast

Freitag, Oktober 23rd, 2020

Thanks for short Info and SSTV!!!

Reception report Radio Südsee Melodie

Donnerstag, Oktober 22nd, 2020