Archiv für Mai, 2017

e-QSL Radio Carneval 6236kHz

Mittwoch, Mai 31st, 2017

Unofficial/ Free Radio: RadioCarneval, 6236 kHz, received e-QSL in 12 days for email report sent to

Radio Carneval-8

Other Carneval QSL for Nippon

Dienstag, Mai 30th, 2017

Thanks again „Mr.Nippon“ and I hope you like also this new motive………

 Radio Carneval-9

e-QSL Radio arcadia 6930kHz

Montag, Mai 29th, 2017

Unofficial/ Free Radio – RadioArcadia, 6930 kHz, received e-QSL in 1 day for email report sent to (JGa)


e-QSL Orion 2000 , 6940 kHz Shortwave

Sonntag, Mai 28th, 2017

Unofficial/ Free Radio – Radio Orion2000, 6940 kHz, e-QSL received in 1 day, for email report sent to (JGa)

Jouke van der Gali+½n

e-QSL for leap-day station Radio 29

Samstag, Mai 27th, 2017

Unofficial/Free Radio – Radio 29, 6321kHz special on air during 29 february leap day, received e-QSL in half anhour for email report sent to (JGa)

Radio 29

Radio Astoria Int. confirms

Freitag, Mai 26th, 2017

Hello Doctor Tim, also thank you for the report from 20-02-2016. Nice to see the old report from me of the year 2000. Thank you for the report, hope to meet again on frequency. hope it goes better next time. Regards Astoria Radio International (R.A.I.)

 QSLRadio Astoria International

Info Summermeeting 2017

Donnerstag, Mai 25th, 2017

Summermeeting 2017

Radio Carneval QSL

Donnerstag, Mai 25th, 2017


Radio Carneval-1

Promo Borderhunter Summermeeting 2017

Mittwoch, Mai 24th, 2017

Borderhunter Summermeeting 2017-Promos

Reception report from FRF

Mittwoch, Mai 24th, 2017

 Thanks for this very nice and strong report „Mr.Japan Man“, I like this reports…………

Dr.Tim-QSL - Donald Duck-1