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Report 29 jan 2019 Trance AM

Donnerstag, Januar 31st, 2019

Hi Ray, yes, you heard right, it was Trance AM with another little Show. Today we mostly played Pop & Rockmusic and also other Music from Finland. So thanks for your Report No.2 to Trance AM. I received many reports for this short program! Also from the USA. Here is also a new QSL for you, I hope you have a nice place for it in your Hobbyroom. Greetings and all the best ………..

Report to Radio Toyota

Mittwoch, Januar 30th, 2019

Hello Dan, also here again a great Thanks for your „Observation Service“ and the Report incl. the audio clip. I hope you like this first QSL from Radio Toyota. The rest of 16 other Toyota QSL’s are waiting for you! Greetings …………


Reception Report van RJB

Dienstag, Januar 29th, 2019

Hartelijk bedankt Claas voor je ontvangstverslag!

Reception Report Russian Hooligans

Montag, Januar 28th, 2019

Thanks Claudio!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Empfangsbericht an Radio Carneval #1 – Februar 2017

Sonntag, Januar 27th, 2019

Not bad Quality! Radio Carneval says thanks for this report and the nice SSTV Pics…

Reception report for Radio March Music – QSL Back

Samstag, Januar 26th, 2019

Vielen Dank Andreas für deinen ersten RR an den „Marsch Music Fritzen“. Ich hoffe man sieht sich noch öfters im Äther und liest „voneinander“… Beste Grüße von Radio Marchmusic!

Reception on 6425 Anonymous

Freitag, Januar 25th, 2019

Thanks Lars for your first Report to Radio Anonymous……….

Reception Report to “ Radio Doctor Tim “ from the Samra Region

Donnerstag, Januar 24th, 2019

Thanks Vasiliy and sorry for your long „waiting time“…


Reception Report For Jodelpiraat

Mittwoch, Januar 23rd, 2019

Thanks Pavel and I hope you like the Jodelpiraat QSL………. Please write us again……..

Radio Reception Report RJB

Dienstag, Januar 22nd, 2019