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QSL Radio Arcadia

Sonntag, November 30th, 2014

Free Radio Italy, Milano Radio Arcadia 6845 kHz e-QSL received in 1 day for email report sent to (JGa)

Dear Jouke, i confirm your report, with your telescopic antenna & 2 mt of wire it is a very DX !

My TX have 40 watt Carrier and 80 watt Pep AM modulated,  it is located in Milano Italy. Antenna 20 mt of wire L inverted in half wave Marconi style configuration.

Thanks for your SWL, see 2 QSL card for you attached.

Best Regards de Arcadia’s Captain


QSL Vuurtorenwachter

Samstag, November 29th, 2014
Pirates Netherlands

Vuurtorenwachter 94,50 MHz self prepared QSL card & small letter (scan4) returned in 91 days for postal report sent to DS Visscherwei 47, 9223 LJ  Houtigehage, NL (JGa)

QSL from Radio Enterprise

Freitag, November 28th, 2014
Hello Fritz-Walter Adam, thanks for your report and for the video very important to me. I am very happy to confirm your reception report with the n° 1 eQSL of the first series of radio enterprise.
We transmit from the north of Italy with 60 w carrier and inverted V antenna. Have fun with our music. Greetings cap. Danny
Fritz-Walter Adam qsl Enterprise


Donnerstag, November 27th, 2014

Thanks to Marcel from France for this old QSL from Zwarte Non. But this was not the SW Station, this Zwarte Non was from the MW. However a great thanks Marcel for this old Pirate document!!



QSL from Uferlos

Mittwoch, November 26th, 2014

Hello Doc! Here are attached pictures of my QSL from Radio Uferlos for reception on 24th of June 2014. Best regards! Alexandr (ulx2), Kiev, Ukraine.



QSL Witte Raaf

Dienstag, November 25th, 2014
Pirates Netherlands

Witte Raaf  1620 kHz e-QSL returned in 8 days for email report sent to

He Jouke. Bedankt voor het raport. Mooi dat het in Assen ook nog goed was en ik zou zeggen, Luister een volgende x maar weer mee. Groeten de Witte Raaf.
QSL Theo

QSL from Aurora / Northern Light

Montag, November 24th, 2014
Die neue Station Aurora / Northern Light aus Finnland bestätigte einen kurzen Report mit dieser QSL innerhalb von nur 12 Minuten!! Der OP schreibt dazu: „Thank you for report! Better tests in future! greetings from Finland“. Thanks also from Germany for your high speed reaction!!

QSL „Lokale Omroep Surhuizum“ Surhuizum, Netherlands

Sonntag, November 23rd, 2014
Free Radio Netherlands

Lokale Omroep Surhuizum=LOS  107,30 MHz self prepared QSLcard & picture foto (last scan 4) received in +_ 36 days from postal adress Koop van de Velde, It Mienskar 12, 9283 VJ  Surhuizum , NL (JGa)

QSLvan Ali of Abu Dhabi

Samstag, November 22nd, 2014

Thanks for this nice QSL from Abu Dhabi. OP Ali sent it to me yesterday. Radio Abu Dhabi WWS (World Wide Service) uses the Dr. Tim E-Mail Add for contacts. Thanks again to this old Beduin. The Station is mostly on air with a low Power 1 Tube Transmitter and a Antenna between 2 Minaret Towers. The Studio stands in top of one of this Towers.

QSL Radio Abu Dhabi

SSTV’s from BZN Radio

Freitag, November 21st, 2014

Danke wieder einmal an Klaus, unseren „Oberdekodierer vom Dienst“ der die Radio BZN SSTV Signale entschlüsselte und mir die Bilder wieder zumailte. Wieder mal besten Dank!