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I listened to Alex Warner Show on 6288 kHz

Donnerstag, Juli 31st, 2014

Alf was verry happy after he received this QSL from „Super Alex„. Thanks Alf for sending me your Radio Alex QSL for the Doc Page!

QSL Radio Alex W

Freeline QSL for Galien Jouke

Mittwoch, Juli 30th, 2014
Dear Joug, Many thanks for your  report. all the best for you  my friend from the waves. Freeline 
qsl freeline joug

QSL from Radio 102

Dienstag, Juli 29th, 2014

Hello Dr.Tim,

thanks for the reception report and recording. Danke für den Empfangsbericht und Audio-Aufnahme. Power 5 Watt. Antenna is a short inverted vee 2×4 meter with coil. about 5.5 meter high.(Pictures on my website).

Greetings, Groetjes, Arnold.


QSL GM41 for Fritz-Walter

Montag, Juli 28th, 2014

Auch Fritz-Walter schlug wieder zu! Diese Karte bekam er als „Belohnung“ für einen Report an die Station GM41 Scotland – und mailte sie umgehend an mich weiter für die HP. Danke für die gute Kooperation Fritz…

GM41 Scotland 01

Jamaica QSL for me

Sonntag, Juli 27th, 2014

Thanks to Jamaica Radio for this beautiful QSL. Maybe the wife of the Operator ? I receive the card in a very short time for a audioreort. Thanks again for your good QSL Job Jamaica man.

QSL Radio Jamaica

RNW new Name Confirmation

Samstag, Juli 26th, 2014

Pirates -Netherlands

RNW=Radio New Wave 6240kHz e-QSL received in 5 days for email report sent to (JGa)

Blauwe Panter QSL for Jouke

Freitag, Juli 25th, 2014

Pirates Netherlands

Blauwe Panter  6300 kHz e-QSL received in 2 days for email report sent to

Hoi jouke, bedankt voor je email raport. leuk eens van je te horen.
groetjes de blauwe panter

QSL confirmation of Hitmix Radio

Donnerstag, Juli 24th, 2014

Hitmix 6295 kHz e-QSL received in 73 days for email report sent to


QSL from Little Feat

Mittwoch, Juli 23rd, 2014
Hi Dr Tim,
Good evening from England, Thank you for your reception report. I am not surprised the signal was weak in Germany. The power was only 15w and the band does not work too well in the morning. Also my antenna is indoors. So all in all I am very pleased for only my 2nd test!
I did start at around 0805 UTC and it was instrumental music, so I am happy to confirm your report. Attached QSL card as requested. Many 73 and good DX
Greetings from Little Feat Terry
Dr Tim

My portable listening post in Namibia

Dienstag, Juli 22nd, 2014

Artemwas  in Southafrica with this little receiver! He received a lot of Stations in Namibia (Pirates ?). Thanks for the Foto from your „working technique“ Artem!


Мое переносное слушательское оборудование… к югу от Виндхука Souricate Lodge (Namibia) Судя по частоте на приемнике, слушаю ботсванский передатчик африканской редакции „Голоса Америки“.

My portable listening equipment in Suricate Lodge south off Windhoek (Namibia). The frequency shows VOA from Botswana