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Donnerstag, Februar 28th, 2019

Thanks Lorenzo!!!!!!!!!!!!


Mittwoch, Februar 27th, 2019

Thanks Eric for your first Report to Clinic Radio and all the best in 2019!!!!

Reception Report to RADIO STANCIA RUSSIAN HOOLIGANS – December 2018

Dienstag, Februar 26th, 2019
Спасибо за ваш RR и особенно за отличный и длинный аудиоклип. „Является ли первая карта с этим мотивом выходит сегодня …
(Thanks for your RR and especially the great and long audio clip. „It is the first card with this motive going out today …)

Receiving Tribute for Jürgen Marcus

Montag, Februar 25th, 2019

Greets back and also a great thanks again Jouni…….

Reception report SM 2018

Sonntag, Februar 24th, 2019


Reception Report to RADIO ZENDPIRAAT – July 2018

Samstag, Februar 23rd, 2019

Thanks for new Report!!!!!!!!!!!

new program of Radio Heintje

Freitag, Februar 22nd, 2019

Thanks Jouni for your new Report and also a special thank about your nice comment to the nice Sound of Heintje!!!

Bericht „BZN“

Donnerstag, Februar 21st, 2019


Short Info/Report about your PX on 6380 KHZ (Chaos Radio)

Mittwoch, Februar 20th, 2019
Hello! Thank you so much for your reception report! I am attaching a card for you. Hopefully I am going to catch your station sometimes. Actually the station is next to Budapest, in a smaller city, but if I would say that city’s name nobody would understand it. 73s to you!

Charles Aznavour tribute

Dienstag, Februar 19th, 2019

Thanks Paul!!!!!!!!!!!!!!