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Reception report SM 2018

Sonntag, Februar 24th, 2019


Reception Report to RADIO ZENDPIRAAT – July 2018

Samstag, Februar 23rd, 2019

Thanks for new Report!!!!!!!!!!!

new program of Radio Heintje

Freitag, Februar 22nd, 2019

Thanks Jouni for your new Report and also a special thank about your nice comment to the nice Sound of Heintje!!!

Bericht „BZN“

Donnerstag, Februar 21st, 2019


Short Info/Report about your PX on 6380 KHZ (Chaos Radio)

Mittwoch, Februar 20th, 2019
Hello! Thank you so much for your reception report! I am attaching a card for you. Hopefully I am going to catch your station sometimes. Actually the station is next to Budapest, in a smaller city, but if I would say that city’s name nobody would understand it. 73s to you!

Charles Aznavour tribute

Dienstag, Februar 19th, 2019

Thanks Paul!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reception Report to WILD WEST FM #2 – October 2018

Montag, Februar 18th, 2019

Auch heute wieder mal ein herzliches Dankeschön………..

Empfangsbericht an den JODELPIRAAT – Dezember 2018

Sonntag, Februar 17th, 2019

Danke …………… müsste der Dritte gewesen sein ?

Reception report

Samstag, Februar 16th, 2019

Hi „Mr.Morii“ (hi), here is your Confirmation from 18.11.2018. I searched a long time – but this was the first Report for this Day/Date I received. I HOPE ALL IS OK NOW AND ALL REPORTS ARE CONFIRMED. Sorry also for the „fatal Error“ and I hope it all runs better in the future.

Reception report from Kyiv

Freitag, Februar 15th, 2019

Hi Alexandr, a great thanks for your report no.2 to our Station!!!