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Radio Nova 4 QSL na ontvangst op 1620 khz in Assen

Samstag, Oktober 31st, 2015
Pirates Radio Nova 4 1620 kHz , e-QSL received in 7 hours for email report sent to (JGa)

QSL Kennemer Radio

Freitag, Oktober 30th, 2015

 Hartelijk bedankt KENNEMER RADIO 1 voor deze prachtig kaart!!!!!!!

QSL Kennemer Radio

QSL Europa 24 6150kHz

Donnerstag, Oktober 29th, 2015
Deutschland Europa 24 6150 kHz QSL-card returned in about 17 days for email report sent to (JGa)
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QSL kaart Witte Tornado 1647 kHz NL

Mittwoch, Oktober 28th, 2015
Pirates Witte Tornado & Lady  1647 kHz, he returned e-QSL in 2 days from his email (JGa)
Jouke van der Galien Assen

QSL Radio Voyager

Dienstag, Oktober 27th, 2015
Hi Doc, many thanks for your report and for the audio clip. I confirm your reception report of Radio Voyager, the jazz, classic, soul and fusion music free radio. The conditions are the same of Enterprise radio, folded dipole and 400 w p.e.p. in the north-east of Italy. Have a good weekend Cap. Denny
Doc Tim Radio Voyager


Montag, Oktober 26th, 2015

LOCAL COMMERCIAL FM STATIONS IRELAND Westport Radio =WR FM 98,2 98,20 MHz Westport Ireland, heard with livestream , they returned my selfprepared QSL (which is postcard or Rolde-NL) in 33 days and the postman did fabulous work because the only address i used was: Westport Radio, Westport, County Mayo, Ireland and finally it reached that station because they answered it with this stuff, nice thanks (JGa)

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R.T.I. QSL voor Jouke

Sonntag, Oktober 25th, 2015

Pirates Radio Telefunken International  6300 kHz e-QSL returned in 11  minutes for email report sent to

Hallo Jouke en Gaiien, Hier alvast een voor druk van de kaart ik ga van deze kant op de 76 en 48 mtr zo gauw de zender aanwezig is heb nu een TS 50 en 430S van Kenwood en dat kan je niet moduleren met muziek, Ik woon in dedemsvaart, Groetjes Hans


Bitte um QSL DR TIM 6321 kHz

Samstag, Oktober 24th, 2015

weer hartelijk bedankt beste Jouke………..

Pirates Doctor Tim  6321 kHz , e-QSL received in 3 weeks for email report sent to (JGa)

 Dr.Tim-QSL - Geil

Freitag, Oktober 23rd, 2015
Radio BZN – Station Manager, BZN hello, glad he listened. I am Claudio Tagliabue from Vertemate con Minoprio – CO, Italy. – Claudio_Italy (chat rooms Iann).

E ‚with great pleasure that I am sending the following report of receipt of a transmission of your station, operating on 6308.120 khz AM

The broadcast was heard here in northern Italy from 13:53 to 14:08 and from 14:19 to 14:24 UTC, the day 10/04/2015.

Greetings from northern Italy (10 km from Lake Como)

Thanks Claudio for Report and audioclip!!
QSL Radio BZN-7

QSL from N.O.T Radio

Donnerstag, Oktober 22nd, 2015

HI Doc,Thanks for your report and recording! Hi N.O.T. Radio thanks for E-Mail QSL!