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Report Feb.19

Mittwoch, Februar 28th, 2018

 Thanks Ray!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dr.Tim-QSL - Birthdayshow for Misti - 19.02.2018

Reception report to SW Pirate (EMR Special)

Dienstag, Februar 27th, 2018

Thanks again Shinichichirou and I hope you have Fun with this spoecial QSL!!!

SW-Pirate QSL-19 - Tom Taylor Special

The White Man playing in my headphones

Montag, Februar 26th, 2018

Thanks Jouni for your first Report to The White Man!

The white Man-1

Radio report from Italy to the White Man

Sonntag, Februar 25th, 2018

Hello Gino, today we send our first QSL from The White Man to you. Congratulation for your first Cash of The White Man!! And we are sure, this was also not your last contact to us. Thanks for all…

The white Man-3

Empfangsbericht an WERNERS SCHLAGERWELT – Februar 2018

Samstag, Februar 24th, 2018

Like always – a great thanks again……….

Werners Schlagerwelt-6


Freitag, Februar 23rd, 2018

Hi Eric, a great thanks to you for your first Report to Werner’s Schlagerwelt. I hope you can listen us (much- hi) more in the next future, Greetings ………..

Werners Schlagerwelt-7

Reception Report to Radio Werner’s Schlagerwelt

Donnerstag, Februar 22nd, 2018

Thanks Roberto!!

Werners Schlagerwelt-3

Empfangsbericht „Werners Schlagerwelt“

Mittwoch, Februar 21st, 2018

Thanks again Frank…………..

Werners Schlagerwelt-10

Reception report for Radio Werner Schlagerwelt transmission 11/02/18

Dienstag, Februar 20th, 2018

Thanks Claudio for your first Report to  WSW……………, you make me happy……….

Werners Schlagerwelt-5

Reception Report for Werner’s Schlagerwelt on 6245.3 and 6295.3 kHz

Montag, Februar 19th, 2018

Thanks Martin!!!!!!!!

Werners Schlagerwelt-8