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Brandnew BZN QSL for Shinichirou Morii in Japan

Samstag, April 30th, 2016

Thanks Shinichirou Morii for you extrem detailed report with mostly all titles and talk details!!! Real great!!!

QSL Radio BZN-19

WWFM QSL for Frank from USA

Freitag, April 29th, 2016
Hello and Holiday Greetings!  I am listening to your broadcast (29 December 2015) on 6281 kHz, via the SDR at Twente in the Netherlands. I live in the USA – New York.  The reception conditions are very tough (lots of noise/fading).  I would give it a SINPO of 22222.  I have attached an audio clip for your review (at 1110 UTC).  I apologize for not knowing the language.  Began listening at 1100 but could not make out the music.  After the male announcer, back to music (female, country/western?). Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Sincerel, Frank Colella (Thanks also Frank from me……….
Wilder Westen FM-3

QSL Radio Vaasa Finland

Donnerstag, April 28th, 2016


Local FM Radio Finland Radio Vaasa 99,5 & 105,8 & 97,7 & 102,2 -heard via livestream, they returned letter(scan 1) and my self prepared QSL-card (which is postcard of Echt NL) after 41 days for postal report to: Hovioikeudenpuistikko 16, 9 krs , PL-371, FI-65101 VAASA , FINLAND (JGa)

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Radio Vaasa-1

Radio Vaasa-2

QSL card Transatlantic Broadcast

Mittwoch, April 27th, 2016
Pirate – Transatlantic Broadcast 6297 kHz, e-QSL received in 3 days for email report sent to (JGa)
Transatlantic Broadcast-1

QSL Radio Hertog Hein 101,40 MHz Drachten NL

Dienstag, April 26th, 2016
Pirate Radio Hertog Hein 101,40 MHz , received my self prepared QSL (= postcard of Gieten NL ) back in about 10 days from his postal adress: De Ee 25, 9201 BE  DRACHTEN , NL (JGa)
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Verzoek om QSL 6005 Hollands Pallet

Montag, April 25th, 2016

Germany Hollands Pallet =dutch programm of VAHON 1566 kHz relayed also on Radio 700 6005kHz in Germany, received this nice do it yourself QSL (print and stick it together) in 1 day from direct email veriesigner Koos Wijnants from the Benelux-DX-Club with email (JGa)



Reception Verification of TAB from 21-08-2015

Sonntag, April 24th, 2016

Hi Radio Transatlantic Broadcast! It was a good fun to listen to your station this early evening on 6297 kHz. Signal was good here in sout- west Germany. No problem to copy your music programme on 48m SW. Unfortunately I only listened to you for 15 minutes or so. Next time maybe more, it would be my pleasure.

Transatlantic Broadcast-1

QSL Boxmeerse Lokale Omroep Stichting

Samstag, April 23rd, 2016
gehoord via de Livestream op internet in Assen: Lokale FM-Omroep Nederland:

Boxmeerse Lokale Omroep Stichting (BLOS RTV); OOK LOKAAL IN BOXMEER OP FM 105,90, ZE stuurden mijn zelfgemaakte QSL kaart (=kaart van Vlissingen) terug na 6 dagen compleet met logo en handtekening van hun adres: Steenstraat 57B, 5831 JB  BOXMEER  NL groet Jouke (JGa) 
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QSL Oosterhoutse Radio en Televisie Stichting (ORTS)

Freitag, April 22nd, 2016
Lokale FM Omroep gehoord via livestream in Assen

Oosterhoutse Radio en Televisie Stichting (ORTS) 106,2 MHz oosterhout, kreeg deze zelfgefabriceerde QSL terug in 7 dagen, ‚t is een ansicht van „Borgen in Groningen“met links =Fraeylemaborg te Slochterenrechtsboven= Verhildersum te Leens rechtsonder= Menkemaborg te Uithuizen geschreven naar : ORTS, Postbus 124, 4900 AC  OOSTERHOUT , Noordbrabant, NL (JGa)
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QSL & Gadgets from Radio 95 & Varia FM 107,8MHz NL

Donnerstag, April 21st, 2016
Legal temporarily FM Low power in NL. Radio 95 & Varia FM, 107,80MHz HOLLANDSCHEVELD, received my self prepared QSL(=postcard of Hoorn NL) and various gadgets (scan 3) in about 12 days from postal adress: H.Metselaar, Kerkenkavel 38A, 7913 AT  HOLLANSCHEVELD, NL, (JGa)
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