Reception of Radio Summermeeting 2018

Hi Alf, first thanks for your Mailreport about the 2 SM Programs. I received your Mail on 15. July 2018!!!!!!!!!! But I can „not understand“ that I did not answer! Maybe forgotten! So sorry for that! But today here are your QSL cards!!!

You heard right Alf – 6240 KHZ played a „old“ SM Program from the last year. I produced a new SM 2018 Show with many hours and give it on a MP3 Stick for playing in Holland on the mobile TX.

But unfortunately I took the wrong MP3 player to Holland – the one with the 2017 program! gggggggggggggggrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. So I played the 2017 program again!

Greetings and till the next time Alf……….

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