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Merry Christmas From Scotland

Samstag, Januar 25th, 2020

Hi  Ian,  again a great thanks for this report and all the best in the New Year!

Reception of Dr. Tim – Germany on December 25, 2019

Freitag, Januar 24th, 2020

Again a great thanks Terry!!!!!!!!!

Reception Report for Broadcast on 3936.72 kHz on 27 December 2019

Donnerstag, Januar 23rd, 2020

Thanks Dan for this new Report. I hope you like your new QSL also „a little bit“………..

Reception Report for Radio BorderTim broadcast

Mittwoch, Januar 22nd, 2020

Dan  you know my commet – again a  great thanks for your „hard Job“…….



Mittwoch, Januar 15th, 2020

Thanks Gino………….

Reception report for Dr. Tim broadcast on 15 November 2019

Dienstag, Januar 14th, 2020

Hi Dan, again a great THANKS for this Report with the audio clip!! Have „a little bit of fun“ with your new special QSL card!!

Reception report for Dr. Tim Radio broadcast on 14 November 2019

Montag, Januar 13th, 2020

Hello Daniel, many thanks for your very detailed Report to Radio Dr.Tim! Here is your QSL card for your „hard Job“! I hope you like the QSL „a little bit“. Greetings from the „good old Doc…“

Reception Report to Love Parade Radio

Sonntag, Januar 12th, 2020

Thanks Roberto!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Empfangsbericht „Clinic Radio“ from Bali

Samstag, Januar 11th, 2020

Danke mal wieder Frank………

Very old reception report

Donnerstag, Januar 9th, 2020

Hello and thanks dear Shinichirou for your very long and detailed Report (AGAIN!!!) The old Report was not a problem for me – all details and also the Audioclip are OK!!! Have fun with this rare QSL!! Greetings……