Februar 22nd, 2009


Summermeeting 2016 Promo Webempfänger AFRD Dr Buis
Cool OHR adr adr Link

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Reception Report to Summermeeting Radio 2018 – 6240,5 kHz – July 2018

Dezember 11th, 2018

Danke !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reception Report to Summermeeting Radio 2018 – 3900 kHz – July 2018

Dezember 10th, 2018

Und nochmals Danke…………..

Bericht „Summermeeting“ 2018

Dezember 9th, 2018

Danke Frank!!

Bericht an „Toyota“

Dezember 8th, 2018

Danke nach Indonesien

Bericht an „Toyota“

Dezember 7th, 2018

Thanks to Bali……….


Dezember 6th, 2018

Report / QSL Empire Radio

Dezember 5th, 2018

Hello Radio Doctor Tim! Tank you very much for listening to the 40th birthday broadcast from Empire Radio, and for sending a reception report.  I also enjoyed hearing the audio clip.  The reception was impressive.  Here in the UK, band conditions were so bad that I had to tune in via an online SDR.I attach a QSL card. Keep listening to short wave! Kind regards. Chris Cooper Empire Radio

Empfangsbericht an Radio Doctor Tim (Charles Aznavour memorial)

Dezember 4th, 2018


I listened to nice music from Radio Jimmy on 3920 kHz

Dezember 3rd, 2018

Thanks Alf!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Dezember 2nd, 2018

Hi enclosed some QSL from October 2018.4, 73*s, John  V. Nielsen, Herning, Denmark