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Summermeeting 2016 Promo Webempfänger AFRD Dr Buis
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Shortwave Pirate Radio QSL for Claudio from Italy

Dezember 9th, 2016
Shortwave Pirate Hello, happy to have you heard, I’m Claudio Tagliabue from Vertemate con Minoprio – CO, Italy. E ‘with great pleasure that I am sending the following report of receipt of a transmission of your station, operating on 6266.00 khz AM and SSTV Scottie 1. The broadcast was heard here in northern Italy from 15:33 to 16:00 UTC, the day 21/11/2015. Thanks Claudio, also for your famous SSTV pic!!
SW-Pirate QSL-2
SWPirate SSTV_6266_21-11-15_1533
SWPirate SSTV_6266_21-11-15_1545

QSL Radio Active – Amboise- France

Dezember 8th, 2016
Local FM France heard with livestream in Assen NL Radio Amboise,  local audible in Aboise 94,7MHz & Montlouis -sur -Loire 93MHz, received my selfprepared photo QSL (printedphoto of church Roodeschool NL with at backside memo writing & envelop with adress and stickers (scan 3) in 14 days from postal adress: Association DYNASSO PLUS, 41 Quai Charles Guinot, F-37400 AMBOISE -FRANCE (JGa) 
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Afbeelding (506)

QSL Stichting Lokale Omroep Krimpenerwaard

Dezember 7th, 2016
Lokale FM Omroep NL, gehoord via livestream in ASSEN St.LO Krimpenerwaard, lokaal te horen 106,6 Bergambacht & 105,9 Schoonhoven & 107,7  Lekkerkerk, kreeg de zelfgefabriceerde QSL kaart (kaart Woudsend NL) en brief met logo (scan 3) terug nu 2 maand van hun postadres: Dijklaan 57 A, 2861 DW  BERGAMBACHT,  NL(JGa)
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Afbeelding (448)
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Report Listening SW Pirate 06/10/2015

Dezember 6th, 2016
Dear editor of  Shortwave Pirate I send my relationship of listening. IZ8094SWL Gabriele, please your eqsl report for me  thanks, Gabriele Somma.
Great thanks Gabriele!!!!!!!!!!
SW-Pirate QSL-1

QSL Melkbus 1625kHz NL sorry: received in 9 days!!!

Dezember 5th, 2016
I WROTE TO and received by post in 9 days from their post adres: De Finne 32, 9036 KK MENAAM=MENALDUM NL (JGa) sorry now it s complet

Pirate Melkbus Radio , 1625kHz, received QSL-card (scan 1 & 2) & 2 stickers of their pirate team on fm(=Krystteam scan 3) by post, after my email report sent to (JGa)
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Summermeeting 2014 QSL’s for Silvero

Dezember 5th, 2016

Dear Frans, congratulations for the organization. I was watching the webcamera, hahaha. I was trying to greet you via pirates chat, too. Also I was watching the photos by Dr Tim, and a video by Black Arrow… looking great all pirates together with a beer. hahaha

I have 2 report for your statistic, friday and saturday. Not sure about the qsl results… hahahaha take a look,


Hello dear Silveri, very very late you receive our  QSL’s from the great Borderhunter Summermeeting Party 2014 today!! Frans send me all reports short time ago with the request to answer them! He has no time and is fully in stress! So I do it now for him. I hope you like our QSL’s a bit………

Greets from Dr.Tim………

Summermeeting 2014 - QSL-2

Summermeeting 2014 - QSL-4

QSL Kaart Kennemerradio Shortwave 6290kHz

Dezember 4th, 2016

Kennemerradio, 6290 kHz & 6305kHz (but 6305 couldnt be received by me sorry), received e-QSL in 5 hours for email report sent to (JGa)

Nieuw zwart wit kr1

QSL Kennemer radio 1 KR1

e-QSL & music fragment Goofy Shortwave

Dezember 3rd, 2016

Goofy Radio, 6207kHz, received e-QSL and music fragment in 4 months for my report sent to (JGa)

Goofy 873 Music Goofy

QSL Radio Vallee Vezere- Terrasson -France

Dezember 2nd, 2016
Local FM Radio France heard on livestream in ASSEN NL Radio Vallee Vezere, received my self prepared QSL (postcard Hasselt NL) in 14 days from postal adress: 4, rue rastignac, F-24120 TERRASSON-LAVILLEDIEU , FRANCE (JGa) 
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Heidi for Gino in Italy

Dezember 1st, 2016

Thanks Gino for your Reports and mp4 clips!!! Greets from Alm Uncle and Heidi….

QSL Radio Heidi-1

QSL Radio Heidi-3