Borderhunter Summermeeting 2017

März 6th, 2017

Summermeeting 2017 - Infos


Februar 22nd, 2009


Summermeeting 2016 Promo Webempfänger AFRD Dr Buis
Cool OHR adr adr Link

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Easter Special QSL to Marco

März 27th, 2017

Vielen Dank mal wieder Marco. Hier die Sonder QSL für dieses Osterspecial. Beste Grüße…………..

Dr.Tim-QSL - Ostern QSL-4

Thanks for Music Waves Radio – QSL from Russia

März 26th, 2017

This QSL I received from Russia, from MUSIC WAVE RADIO, heard via a known Relaystation in the Netherland.  Thanks to the russian station.


SW Pirate confirms per in Sverige his Prince Special

März 25th, 2017

Hi Per, thanks for this long Rception Report and also te audio clip. Here now us QSL card with a sorry for the long Duration !! Greets from SW Pirate…….

 SW-Pirate QSL-11-Prince Special

Dictator Banana send QSL back to Nippon

März 24th, 2017

 Hello Radio Republica da Banana, Luckily I found and received your shortwave transmission as compiled in my reception report in PDF format. Please verify this report with your eQSL for my collection.I also enclosed my acknowledgement card for you. Best regards & 73 Tokyo, Japan

 FRF AcknowledgeCard Ver B
Radio Republica da Banana-DJ

Empfangsbericht und Link

März 23rd, 2017

Danke mal wieder Fritz…………..

 Rammstein Radio-5

again SW Pirate (Prince) Reception Report Marco Hommel

März 22nd, 2017

Danke Marco…………

SW-Pirate QSL-12-Prince Special

H.Hefner send QSL

März 21st, 2017

 hi, wollte mal deine Add testen, dabei gleich die Frage ob du mit QSL bestätigst? Signal hier eben mit 55444 auf 6205 KHZ, Gruß vom Doc……….

Many thanks Doc for reception report. Greetings from the Girls.
Thanks Mr. Hugh. Once you have health problems, let me know. I have lots of pills in all colors there!
DrTim Germany

Indian Man send a Report to me!!

März 20th, 2017

Thanks my good Friend!!!!!!!

Dr.Tim-QSL - Special-QSL - 3

RADIO JIMMY confirms with 2 QSL’s!!

März 19th, 2017

Thanks “Mr.Jimmy and Friend” for thie nice QSL cards!!

Radio Doctor Tim 2

Radio Jimmy Doctor Tim

Reception 3920 to Jodelpiraat

März 18th, 2017

Great thanks again Lars for your audioreport!!!!!!!