Februar 22nd, 2009


Summermeeting 2016 Promo Webempfänger AFRD Dr Buis
Cool OHR adr adr Link

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Fa. Hitmix

Oktober 21st, 2017

Thanks to Radio Hitmix for this Foto from the new Studio!!

 WhatsApp Image 2017-10-16 at 17.16.33

Radio Morningstar gestorben

Oktober 20th, 2017

Todesanzeige Jack Donio (Radio Morningstar)

e-QSL Verona 6285 kHz shortwave

Oktober 20th, 2017
Pirate – Radio Verona, 6285 kHz, received e-QSL in 1 hour for email report sent to (JGa)
Various e-QSLs received from RADIO VERONA 6285kHz shortwave-4

Free Radio Summermeting Radio gehoord in het westen van België!

Oktober 19th, 2017

Hi Hugo, thanks for your report to the summermeeting 2017.  So here your QSL card from the last meeting (Summermeeting Radio 2017).  Greets from me……………

Summermeeting 2017 - QSL - 4

QSL card Enterprise Radio

Oktober 18th, 2017

Pirates – Enterprise Radio, 6955 kHz, received e-QSL in 6 hours for email report sent to

543 Enterprise Radio November


Neuer Link

Oktober 17th, 2017

Ukrainian DX Blog

SDXF_eQSL 30.4.2016

Oktober 16th, 2017

QSL Karten sind aus, z.Z. werden nur noch QSL-Briefe im PDF-Format versendet… 73s Klaus.

Danke Klaus für Weiterleitung…

SDXF_eQSL 4.2016


QSL Schaduwjager 1625 kHz

Oktober 15th, 2017

Radio Schaduwjager 1625 kHz. Received e-QSL in 7 days for email report sent to: (JGa)


Atlantis FM Teneriffe confirms 6205 & 6070 KHZ

Oktober 14th, 2017

Thanks Atlantis Crew

qsl tenerife

e-QSL Of Radio Enterhaken, relayed via Germany on 6070kHz

Oktober 13th, 2017

Germany – Radio Enterhaken (=illegal pirate station but this time): legally relayed by Channel 292, via transmitter Rohrbach Germany on 6070kHz, Received e-QSL in 5 days for email report sent to (JGa)