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Reception Report to RADIO POLKAWELLE – Oktober 2019

Donnerstag, Juni 17th, 2021

Also thanks today for no. 7!!!!!!!!!!!!

Corrected Report – Reception of Radio Toyota on September 28, 2019

Mittwoch, Juni 16th, 2021

Hi Terry, a great thanks for the „new“ Report to our Station!!! I hope you can hear us again in the future…, Greets

Reception Report to POLKA RADIO MELBOURNE – March 2021

Dienstag, Juni 15th, 2021


Report to White Man from Amerika

Montag, Juni 14th, 2021

Thanks Daniel for your first!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Report to Radio Arctica

Sonntag, Juni 13th, 2021

Thanks Daniel!!!!!!!!!!!!! This Station is real not more existent, so also all add’s. The QSL ist also a Unikat and the Program runs on this day via the Doc…….

Reception Report to RADIO STANCIA RUSSIAN HOOLIGANS – March 2021

Samstag, Juni 12th, 2021

Thanks again………………..

Reception Report Radio Heidi

Freitag, Juni 11th, 2021

Thanks Kostiantyn for your first report to Radio Heidi!!!

Report to Rammstein Radio

Donnerstag, Juni 10th, 2021
Thanks again Daniel!!!!!!!!!!!! PS: I found your first E-Mail in my Spam Box!!!!!!!!!!!


Reception Report 22-11-2019 from St.Petersburg

Dienstag, Juni 8th, 2021

 Thanks Konstantin!!!!!!!!!!

Reception report Love Parade Radio

Montag, Juni 7th, 2021

Hi Shinichirou, thanks for this report. All reports that you send in the last days are here now!! I will send you now the QSL cards……… Greets….