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Reception report for recent broadcast on 6255 kHz on 23 September 2019

Mittwoch, Mai 19th, 2021

 Hi Dan, thanks also for this Report with a great thanks from the „Doc……“

Reception report for Radio Dr. Tim transmission on 26 September 2019

Mittwoch, Mai 19th, 2021

Thanks Dan and sorry for the long time you had to wait!!!!!!!!!!!

Reception Report Marco Hommel Reggae Radio

Dienstag, Mai 18th, 2021


Reception Report from Marco Hommel – Radio Polkawelle

Montag, Mai 17th, 2021

Danke Marco!!!!!!!!!!!

Reception to the Hooligans from Russia

Sonntag, Mai 16th, 2021

  Thanks Paul!!!!!!!!!!!

Reception Report for your transmission on 9 June 2019 from „Dan Dan“

Samstag, Mai 15th, 2021

hi DAN. Sorry for this big mistake with the much Dans, Dans, Dan…. I mostly work all days with answering so much reports. I hope it is all OK with the TAB QSL. By further problems with QSL cards – please contact me again Dan…… Greetings….

Report to Wernersschlagerwelt

Freitag, Mai 14th, 2021

Hello Daniel, thanks also for this report (no.2) to Werners Schlagerwelt. I hope the new QSL is also „right“ for you?!  Greets……….. PS: All QSL’s that I send out, I save on my PC. Soit is always a new QSL for a listener!!

Radio Reception Report to Rammstein Radio

Donnerstag, Mai 13th, 2021

Thanks Claudio !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reception Report to RADIO REPUBLICA DA BANANA – August 2019

Mittwoch, Mai 12th, 2021

Like always – Thanks!!!!!!!!!!

Reception Report to BZN RADIO – August 2019

Dienstag, Mai 11th, 2021

Danke wie immer!!!!!!!!!!!!