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Reception report for SWpirate 29/04/18

Mittwoch, Oktober 21st, 2020

Thanks Claudio for your Report to the SW Pirate / Tribute Program to Paul/Goofy/Caroline

Hello Claudio, here is a new/other QSL from the Caroline/Goofy Program. Now this is the right QSL!! Sorry for my big mistake! I received so much reports about Caroline and Osaka – and that was the cause of my mistake…

Bericht an „Trance AM“

Dienstag, Oktober 20th, 2020

Thanks Frank!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gino Italy contactet Heidi

Montag, Oktober 19th, 2020

Thanks Gino, you are the best!!!!!!!

Mario report

Sonntag, Oktober 18th, 2020


Bericht an „Radio Republica da Banana“

Samstag, Oktober 17th, 2020

Danke Frank………….

Bericht „Polkawelle“

Freitag, Oktober 16th, 2020

Thanks Frank for no.4!

Reception report to PW

Montag, Oktober 12th, 2020

Thanks Shinichirou for no.2!!!!!

Bericht an „Dr.Tim“

Sonntag, Oktober 11th, 2020
Und „zum wiederholten Mal“ Frank – Danke!!!


Reception report

Samstag, Oktober 10th, 2020

Thanks my Friend for Report No.4!!!!!!!!!

Mario Report

Freitag, Oktober 9th, 2020

Thanks Mario……………………..