Archiv für Juli, 2020

Empfangsbericht an den JODELPIRAAT – November 2017

Freitag, Juli 10th, 2020

Wie immer so auch heute wieder besten Dank!!!!!!

Empfangsbericht für „Radio UNID“

Mittwoch, Juli 8th, 2020

Reception report to Jodelpiraat from Saitama

Dienstag, Juli 7th, 2020

Hi Shinichirou, thanks also for you new Report (No.2) to the Jodelpiraat, see you later again….

Reception report from Nippon

Montag, Juli 6th, 2020

Hi Shinichirou, thanks for your first Report to Trance AM. Here is your first QSL from „us“. This QSL is also Aabrandnew Motive!! In total we have 5 different Cards for listeners! Greets from me…


Reception report from Shinichirou

Freitag, Juli 3rd, 2020

Thanks again Shinichirou………

Reception report to BA from Nippon

Donnerstag, Juli 2nd, 2020

Hello Shinichirou, many thanks for your 3rd Report to Bella Italia. So here is a new QSL card for your archive.  Greetings and all the best from Bella Italia….



RECEPTION REPORT from northern ITALIA for Radio Unid

Mittwoch, Juli 1st, 2020

Thanks Claudio!!!!!!!!!!!!!!