Archiv für Juni, 2020

Reception Report BZN Radio from England

Mittwoch, Juni 17th, 2020

Hi Patrick, welcome by BZN RADIO and many thanks for your first Report to our Station! I hope you like the Music from this great NL-Music Group!!

Reception Report to RADIO UNID – September 2017

Dienstag, Juni 16th, 2020

Wie immer so auch hier und heute wieder – DANKE!!


Reception report from Nippon

Montag, Juni 15th, 2020

Hi Shinichirou, thanks for your first Report to the Jodelpiraat. I hope you like the Musicstyle „a little bit“! The QSL today is one of 8 different cards! Greetings from DJ Jodelking……..


Reception report from Staffan

Sonntag, Juni 14th, 2020

Tack Staffan……………..

Bericht über Doc PX

Samstag, Juni 13th, 2020

Neben dem bekannten Dankeschön auch „mal wieder“ eine neue QSL Karte Frank. Bis dann mal wieder…

Radio Grauen

Freitag, Juni 12th, 2020

Hi Paul, thanks for your Report to Radio Grauen, here is „our“ QSL Card from this old Station. The Station was active with first programs in December 1998 on 76 & 48 MB. But only with rare and seldom programs. The station was a „Tape Pirate“, relayed only via friendly Stations. QSL’s from the Station are very rare in the scene. First add. was the Pirate Box in Wuppertal, later Dortmund. Musicstyle is/was Rock/Pop. The station is not active/existent anymore. The QSL is the Original card from the Station. Thanks again…

First Reception report to Polkawave from Staffan

Mittwoch, Juni 10th, 2020

A great thanks Staffan for this first Reception Report to Radio Polkawave. I hope you and your Family love the nice sound of our station. Greetings to all from your Happy Sound Station Radio Polkawelle!

Bericht „Werners Schlagerwelt“

Dienstag, Juni 9th, 2020

Danke Frank. Es geht nix vergessen, evtl. verzögert sich das Ganze etwas. Aber es wird jeder RR bestätigt und irgendwann einmal sind sie alle raus……….

Reception Report to Bella Italia from America

Montag, Juni 8th, 2020

A great thanks Daniel and congratuation for your first QSL from Bella Italia!!!

Clinic Report’s for November 3rd & 4rd 2017

Sonntag, Juni 7th, 2020

Thanks Ray for your 2 Reports on 2 Days!!! This 2 QSL cards are brand new and you receive it for the first time!!!!!!