Archiv für Juli, 2018

Freitag, Juli 20th, 2018

Unofficial / Free Radio – WK Combi 95,1 MHz. Received my self-prepared QSL (=postcard of Monnickendam NL) in 7 days for postal report sent to: B.Postema, Folgearsterloane 78, NL-9222 LK  DRACHTSTERCOMPAGNIE, NL (JGa)

Radio Rammstein report from Italy

Donnerstag, Juli 19th, 2018

molte grazie mio caro amico….

Mittwoch, Juli 18th, 2018

Hello Halloween Radio, quick email to let you I am hearing you in the West of Scotland with a weak signal – been listening from 20:20 UTC – 20:50 UTC and only managed to get you above the noise a couple of times – best at 20:23 and 20:45 – heard your Germany mailing address and some bits and pieces of halloween type music. Happy Halloween from Scotland! 73 Iain Scotland. DX Thanks dear Iain

Reception Report from Sweden

Dienstag, Juli 17th, 2018


Reception report from Nippon

Montag, Juli 16th, 2018

Many Thanks again my Friend……….

Reception report from Lars

Sonntag, Juli 15th, 2018

Thanks Lars ad also all the best in 2017!!!

Audio reception report from Ukraine

Samstag, Juli 14th, 2018

Thanks Ihor and congratulations for your first „Illegal“ QSL!!

Bericht von Hans

Freitag, Juli 13th, 2018

Hallo Hans, auch für diesen RR wieder einmal ein ganz herzliches Dankeschön und natürlich die zweite QSL. Beste „Illegale Grüße….“

Radio Report from Gino

Donnerstag, Juli 12th, 2018

Thanks again Gino!!!!!!!!

qsl Maxman 90,1 NL

Mittwoch, Juli 11th, 2018

Unofficial / Free Radio – Radio Maxman 90,10 MHz . Received my self-prepared QSL (=copy of postcard Roscoff Bretagne France) all back in 5 days for postal report sent to: Wouter Nijholt, Wyldekamp 9, NL-9287 LJ  TWIJZELERHEIDE, NL (JGa)