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Empfangsbericht „Polka Radio Melbourne“

Sonntag, Januar 21st, 2018

Thanks dear Frank for your first Report to our Station………….

Polka Radio Melburne

Reception report from Staffan in Sweden to „Ramme…….“

Samstag, Januar 20th, 2018

Danke Staffan für deine immer harte Arbeit und sehr willkommene Arbeit mit den Piraten, Herzliche Grüße wieder einmal……

Rammstein Radio-5

Receiving Reggae Radio

Freitag, Januar 19th, 2018

Hello Reggae Radio ! This is my second reception of your funky sounds, because last evening I also heard you on 6301 kHz. Late evening is not a very good time to receive radio signals from Central Europe, because the 48 meter band starts to close earlier and earlier here now that autumnal equinox has passed yesterday.

Today’s reception is decent, though J Frequency=6321 kHz, signal strength= S4-7, SINPO=25332. Fading and noise are the only disturbing factors this late evening, but your good audio quality penetrates these disturbances well. Please, become convinced yourself by listening to the audio clip attached.

Thanks for the energizing music and clear station id at 20.38 UTC. I listened between 20.35 and 20.50 UTC while writing this report.

73 ! Jouni, Helsinki, Finland (actually at my summerhouse now fixing my broken remote connection to my city QTH, for more info

Thanks my friend for this nice report with audio clip! I hope you like your first QSL of Reggae Radio

Reggae Radio-5


Empfangsbericht an RADIO OSTALGIE INTERNATIONAL – September 2017

Donnerstag, Januar 18th, 2018

Radio Ostalgie

Bericht Andrea Jürgens Special

Mittwoch, Januar 17th, 2018

Hallo Hans, auch für diesen RR wieder einmal besten Dank!!

Dr.Tim-QSL - Andrea Jürgens

Empfanhsbericht für „Southsea Melody“

Dienstag, Januar 16th, 2018
Und wenn’s auch fast immer das gleiche ist – trotzdem wieder ein herzliches Dankeschön……….

Radio Südsee Melodie - 10

RECEPTION REPORT from ITALIA for Halloween Radio transmission October 31, 2017 – 3916 kHZ

Montag, Januar 15th, 2018

Thanks Claudio!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Halloween Radio 4

Empfangsbericht an WILD WEST FM – September 2017

Sonntag, Januar 14th, 2018

Natürlich Danke wie immer. Angefordertes QSL Motiv ist angehängt. Da ich jetzt praktisch alles aufgearbeitet habe, geht es (heute) etwas schneller. Die andere Mail beantworte ich „ein paar Minuten“ später.

Wilder Westen FM-4

Dan listen to Radio Llittle Star

Samstag, Januar 13th, 2018
Hi radio friend! My name is Dan Olsson and I am a Swedish radio listener.The 26 of August 2017 I had the pleasure to hear Radio Little Star on 6301 kHz between 23.30-00.05 local time.

Hi Dan, thanks to your Report to Radio Little Star. This was your first RR to the Station?

Greets from me and the LS!!
Little Star-QSL 2

Reception of Shortwave Pirate

Freitag, Januar 12th, 2018

Thanks Jouni for Report and audio files!!!

SW-Pirate QSL-16-Falco Special