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Empfangsbericht an „Summer Meeting Radio“

Freitag, Juli 21st, 2017

Auch hier wieder einmal besten Dank für deinen RR Frank. Dieses QSL Motiv ist das erste was von den SM QSL’s raus geht!  Beste Grüße wie immer…………..

Summermeeting 2017 - QSL - 1

Reception of Summer Meeting 2017 Radio

Donnerstag, Juli 20th, 2017

 Hi, Nobu, thanks for your report about 6305 KHZ. Sorry for the „late reaction“ to your report. Greets from Doc………….

Summermeeting 2017 - QSL

Reception report Radio Sofaking

Mittwoch, Juli 19th, 2017

Thanks Frank from the Sofaking……..

QSL Radio Sofa King-2

Reception report from Frank to Heidi

Dienstag, Juli 18th, 2017

thanks Frank …………

QSL Radio Heidi-3

March Music reception from UK

Montag, Juli 17th, 2017

Thanks Paul!!!!!!!!!!!

Radio March Music-9

Empfangsbericht an SHORTWAVE PIRATE

Sonntag, Juli 16th, 2017

thanks for report……….

SW-Pirate QSL-16-Falco Special

Reception Report 6915kHz March 18, 2017

Samstag, Juli 15th, 2017

Hello Dr.Tim! I’m glad to listen to your own radio on the air, Thanks for the nice music & 73 from Saint-Petersburg! Best regards, Konstantin Barsenkov.

A great thanks back to you Konstantin and sorry for your „short waiting time“. I was sick for  longer time and in the hospital. Greets from the good old Doc……
Dr.Tim-QSL - Donald Duck-1
Reception Report R.Dr.Tim March 18, 2017

RECEPTION REPORT from northern ITALIA for Radio Carneval, transmission 28/02/2017

Freitag, Juli 14th, 2017

Thanks Claudio for your first (?) report to Radio Carneval, Greetings……….

Radio Carneval-9

Bericht Radio Heidi

Donnerstag, Juli 13th, 2017

Danke wieder einmal Hans………..

QSL Radio Heidi-2

e-QSL Key Channel Radio 3945 kHz

Mittwoch, Juli 12th, 2017

 Unofficial / Free Radio – Key Channel Radio 3945 kHz. Received this e-QSL in 3 days for email report sent to: (JGa)

QSL J.van der Galien