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Polkawelle SSTVs vom 25.09.2015

Mittwoch, Oktober 21st, 2015

Danke an Klaus für die Weiterleitung der von ihm auf der 6295 KHZ empfangenen & dekotierten SSTV Signale / Bilder von Radio Polkawelle!!



High erotic QSL from Casanova for Jouke

Dienstag, Oktober 20th, 2015
Pirates Casanova 6240 kHz, e-QSL received in 30 minutes from email (JGa)
QSL Radio Casanova- Jouke van der Galiën

QSL from Transatlantic Broadcast for UK DXer

Montag, Oktober 19th, 2015

Thanks UK DXer for this excellent report with a fantastic Signal!!

Transatlantic Broadcast-2

Transatlantic Broadcast QSL for Alf

Sonntag, Oktober 18th, 2015

Hi Transatlantic Broadcast – and thank you very much, for your music-show tonight. I listened to you for 40 minutes on 6210,8 kHz and I enjoyed your mixed music with German and English songs very much. At 23.28 I heard your ID followed by the song: I still havn´t found what I am looking for with U2, and a little later True Colors with Cyndie Lauper. This was the first time I have heard  Transatlantic Broadcast.

Transatlantic Broadcast-1

Bitte um Qsl karte Heidi 6400 kHz

Samstag, Oktober 17th, 2015
Pirate Radio Heidi, 6400 kHz, e-QSL received in 13 days for my email report sent to (JGa)
QSL Radio Heidi

Reception Report to the Shortwave Pirate

Freitag, Oktober 16th, 2015

Thanks for report „anonymus………..“

SW-Pirate QSL-6

Republica da Banana Reception Report

Donnerstag, Oktober 15th, 2015
Radio Republic da Banana Reception Report
The first time that I hear your station. I could not hear any identification, but with only a little receiver with no outdoor antenna, I think it is very nice that a bit of your programme came through here. I do not know if you know Ian’s pirate chat, but reception on other locations was maybe better and they could hear your station ID. Metallica (Iann’s Chat)          
Thanks Mr.Metallica………….
Radio Republica da Banana-DJ

QSL LM FM 95,8 Drogheda County Louth ireland

Mittwoch, Oktober 14th, 2015
Local Commercial FM Radio Ireland LM FM  95,8 Mount Oriel, they returned my self prepared QSL (postcard of Ulrum NL), letter, paper bag and pens and keyrings in 8 days for postal report sent to : Broadcasting House, Rathmullen Road, Drogheda, County Louth, Ireland (JGa)

Empfangsberichte Summermeeting 2015 von Klaus

Montag, Oktober 12th, 2015

Hallo Klaus, auch hier nochmals besten Dank für die SM Reporte – QSL’s anbei. Ich hoffe und denke dass alles betsätigt wurde „was ging“. Bei FF (fatalen Fehlern) bitte melden und reklamieren – hi.

Viel Spaß mit und an den QSL’s und bis dann mal wieder…….  

Radio Tim´s transmission on 6400,1 kHz from Summermeeting

Sonntag, Oktober 11th, 2015
Hi Doc! 

And thanks for your music-show from Summermeeting. I listened to you on 6400,1  for little more than one hour on friday evening, July 3 2015.

Thanks Alf!!!

Summermeeting 2015 - QSL-1