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Klaus Fuchs on Italy vacation

Sonntag, September 14th, 2014

Hallo Jungs, als Dateianhang die Free Radiologs und einige Fotos (Italien). Die Kurzwellenbedingungen waren bescheiden, wie auch das Wetter (wahrscheinlich schlechtester Sommer in Italien seit über 30 Jahren)!

 Empfänger 1: Taschenweltempfänger Tecsun PL310 DSP mit passiver Loop (KW 3-15 MHz) und aktiver Dipolantenne (UKW)

 Empfänger 2: Smartphone Samsung Galaxy S-DUOS mit UKW-RDS (und entsprechende UKW Tuner APP)

 Grüße Klaus

 PS: Mehr Infos zum Italien Trip von Klaus findet ihr in den Dr.Tim NEWS!

Klaus Fuchs Italien 2014


Tecsun PL310 mit aktiver UKW-Dipolantenne_2014

Tecsun PL310 mit Kurzwellenloopantenne - UKW-Dipol und Wurfantenne_2014


QSL from GSV Scotland

Samstag, September 13th, 2014
greetings from the good ship venus cheers jim.
Thanks Jim………

QSL from Radio 5

Freitag, September 12th, 2014
Thank you  for your report to us. The transmitter wase a sk 010 from R&S with 40 watts pep power. The Antenne a inverted v direction N/S on 11 meters high. The town broadcasted from named Weiteveen in the N/E of holland.

ps: this qsl wase made and send by radio Lowland the driving force behind this station.
QSL Radio 5-1

Pics from Ullmar Qvick in Sweden

Donnerstag, September 11th, 2014
My personal info and some photos from our radio club NDL, our club house in the woods and me with our chairman Bo Gustavsson. Also some flowers and horses!
In the tropical heat in the Netherlands, perhaps the snow horse will be refreshing like an ice-cream, hi hi! I often go to the Horse Club and enjoy the rural environments, after 30 years as a school teacher in the Swedish countryside….
73 and please confirm my listening my friend! Arvid Husdal supplied me with your address. In case not valid, I hope dear Dr. Tim will help!
Ullmar Qvick, Sweden
Ullmar Qvick

Verzoek om QSL Radio Akenzo

Mittwoch, September 10th, 2014
Pirates Netherlands

Akenzo 6305 kHz e-QSL received in 1 day for email report sent to

beste Jouke van der GaliËn,  ik vind super mooi dat het sterk binne kwam bij jou in assen op je draagbare ontvanger.  en dat je lekker heb genoten van de plaatjes.
helemaal top,  en graag tot de volgende keer,  gr kevin akenzo
Qsl jouke vd gelien

QSL kaart van Radio Jamaica

Montag, September 8th, 2014

Pirates Netherlands Jamaica 6380 kHz e-QSL received in 3 days for email report sent to

bedankt voor je reactie Jouke

QSL Radio Jamaica (7)

Radio 5 QSL for Jouke

Sonntag, September 7th, 2014

Pirates Netherlands

Radio 5 6300 kHz e-QSL received in 7 days for email report sent to
ps: this qsl was made and send by radio Lowland the driving force behind this station.

Verzoek om QSL Kaart – Radio Bluebird

Samstag, September 6th, 2014
Pirates Netherlands

Bluebird  1638 kHz eQSL received in 69 days for email report sent to

oke jouke hier een qsl kaart nan mij beter laat dan nooit



Freitag, September 5th, 2014
Pirates Netherlands

Norton  6320 kHz e-qsl received in 42 days for email report sent to



SSTV eQSL from R.M.G.P. for Gino

Donnerstag, September 4th, 2014


rx sstv by Gino Italy