Empfangsbericht an SHORTWAVE PIRATE #2 – Dezember 2018

Februar 11th, 2019

thanks again……………..

Empfangsbericht an RADIO JINGLE BELLS #2 – Dezember 2018

Februar 10th, 2019

Thanks for your Report…………

Reception report JT

Februar 9th, 2019

Allemaal bedankt beste man!!!

Reception report to DHR

Februar 8th, 2019

Thanks Shinichirou for yor your first Report to our Station directly from hell!



BBQ 2019

Februar 7th, 2019

Reception reports to World Cup Radio

Februar 7th, 2019


Reception Report WSW from Nippon

Februar 6th, 2019

Thanks again Shinichirou!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hugos DX Hoekje

Februar 5th, 2019

White Man reception in Finland

Februar 5th, 2019

Thanks Risto for you (first?) report to The white Man. I think it was your first report. Greetings….

Reception reports from Nippon

Februar 4th, 2019

Hi Sam, thanks again for your 2 long and detailed Reports to the Christmas  Station Radio Jingle Bells . Greetings from your „Christmas Angel“, a very nice Christmas and all the best in 2019.