e-qsl r orion 2000 6390 khz

Oktober 6th, 2018

Unofficial/ Free Radio – Radio Orion 2000  6390 kHz. Received this e-QSL in 0,5 day for email report sent to radioorion2000@gmail.com (JGa)

Reception Report Marco Hommel

Oktober 5th, 2018

Danke Marco!!!!!!!!!!!!

Radio Heintje on 3932,28 kHz the 20th Jan 2017 at 22:05–MEZ

Oktober 4th, 2018

Kiitos Kari

Reception report from Shinichirou

Oktober 3rd, 2018

A great thanks Shinichirou….


Reception Report Marco Hommel

Oktober 2nd, 2018

Thanks Marco!!!!!!!!!!!!

eQSL Trance AM 3936 kHz shortwave

Oktober 1st, 2018

Unofficial / Free Radio – Trance AM 3936 kHz. Received this e-QSL in 7 days for email report sent to: tranceam@gmx.net (JGa)

Reception report from France

September 30th, 2018

Thanks Franck for your first Report to the one and only eroctic station from Lesbos… I hope we hear more from you in the past…..

Reception report

September 29th, 2018
Thanks Jari………

Reception Report for Trance AM on 3935.6 kHz

September 28th, 2018

Thanks to Australia David

Reception report from Jan in Malmö

September 27th, 2018

Hello Jan, a great thanks to you for your first Report Radio Southsea Melody and I hope you can hear me more in the next years…..