QSL Spek Fm & Antibel 95,10 MHz NL

Juni 13th, 2018
Pirate – Spek FM & Antibel, 95,10MHz , received my self prepared QSL(=postcard Hoorn NL) and letter and visitcard in 16 days for postal report sent to: Jupiterbaan 7, 7891 EL  KLAZIENAVEEN, NL (JGa)

QSL Gerdykster Piraten

Juni 12th, 2018

Temporarily low Power FM station NL heard with livestream in Assen NL Gerdykster Piraten, also lowpower in Gorredijk NL audible on 105,5 mhz, received my self prepared QSL(=postcard of Zaltbommel NL ) and a paper with logo in 12 days for postal report sent to: Stokerij 12, 8401 EH  GORREDIJK, NL (JGa)

Reception Report to TRANS ATLANTIC BROADCAST – December 2016

Juni 11th, 2018

many thanks again………….

Reception Report Radio Doctor Tim Sunday 25 December 2016

Juni 10th, 2018

Many thanks Dmitry………

e-QSL Radio Ohne Namen 6070 kHz 01.12.2016

Juni 9th, 2018

Germany – Radio Ohne Namen 6070 khz. Received e-QSL in about 10 hours for email report sent to: radio.on@gmx.de (JGa)

RR – 17.12-2016 – 6285 kHz

Juni 8th, 2018

The reception was of bad to medium quality.   (SINFO 2-3534/2-3). I will send as Annex a recording your shipment. Please send me your eQSL, (or your station eMail letter) with acknowledgment of reception of your station.

I wish you many, many listeners,  55,73 and good DX. have a nice weekend,  georg.
Many thanks Georg for your first report to Radio Illegal. I hope you like us QSL card (1 of 6 cards with different Motives). Please write us again when you hear us again…, Greets……

Audio reception report from Ukraine

Juni 8th, 2018
Here is audio reception report from Ihor Karivets in L’viv, Ukraine. I heard Radio BZN via Twente SDR 11th December 2016, on 6285.4 kHz, 11.35 – 11.50 UTC. Please find audio clip in attachment. Please confirm my reception report by eQSL card. Thank you in advance! Hope to hear you soon again! My warmest regards from Ukraine, Ihor Karivet#
mannnnnnnnny thanks Ihor for your (I think) first (audio) report to Radio BZN!!!

Reception 3930 from Malmö

Juni 7th, 2018

Hi, My name is Lars Jeppesen and I live in Malmö, Sweden and are listening on a Kiwi SDR just outside the city (Vellinge). Here is a recording on the signal on 3930 at 2124 UTC on december 4, 2016. Some interference on QRG. LHU. Thanks Lars from Radio Southsea Melody


Reception Report Radio Lesbos Saturday 3 December 2016

Juni 6th, 2018
Good evening! Hello from Saratov, Russia!It is my first reception report for Radio Lesbos. Technical details in the file of the official report (txt format) and on video. Unfortunately I can’t listen to your signal at my place.

I listened to your program via the remote receiver in the Netherlands.
It is a lot of noise at a frequency and the strong fadings.Thanks for music!
I hope that my official report will be useful to you. I hope for your answernd receiving a QSL card. Many Thanks dear Dmitry

Empfangsbericht an RADIO SOUTHSEA MELODY – Dezember 2016

Juni 5th, 2018

many  thanks for good SINPO. RSM works on this day with gigantic 20 W hiskys…