Reception on 3932 Bella

August 3rd, 2018

Thanks Lars………..

David Bowie Radio in MFSK32 Mode

August 2nd, 2018

73s Klaus

Empfangsbericht von Marcel/FRANCE

August 1st, 2018

Herzlichen Dank Marcel!!!!!

Reception report from Kyiv

Juli 31st, 2018

Dear Dr. Tim, here is my reception report for your Christmas broadcast on 76 meter band together with mp3 clip in attachment. Sorry for the delay and
thanks for the show!

Thanks Alexandr………….

Reception Report Marco Hommel

Juli 30th, 2018

D-a-n-k-e !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reception Lesbos from Sweden

Juli 29th, 2018

Many thanks Lars……………

Dikke Bertha

Juli 28th, 2018

Radio report from Italia

Juli 27th, 2018

Thanks again Ginoooooo…..

Report from South-West of France

Juli 26th, 2018

Hi Michel, Many thanks for your Report No. 2 to my station. Here your QSL Letter in DIN A4 format and I hope you like it a „little bit“! The QSL Letter is in german lang., but I think you can read it also. Greetings from „your“ Pirate station Dr.Tim. See us in the chat Michel / TTT

QSL R Lucky luck heard in Emmen NL on 95,1 MHz

Juli 25th, 2018

Unofficial /  Free Radio – Radio Lucky Luck 95,10 MHz received near Emmen NL. Received my self-prepared QSL(=postcard Dordrecht NL) in 25 days for postal report sent to: Dopheide 5, NL-7765 AP  WEITEVEEN, NL (JGa)