Bericht an „Dr.Tim“

Oktober 11th, 2020
Und „zum wiederholten Mal“ Frank – Danke!!!


Reception report

Oktober 10th, 2020

Thanks my Friend for Report No.4!!!!!!!!!

Mario Report

Oktober 9th, 2020

Thanks Mario……………………..

Reception Report to RADIO ANONYMOUS – May 2018

Oktober 8th, 2020


Bericht an „Radio Dummyload“

Oktober 7th, 2020


Receiving Radio Heintje in Helsinki

Oktober 6th, 2020

Thanks Jouni for your first Report to Radio Heintje…………

Noisy Band Tonight for SW Pirate

Oktober 5th, 2020

Hello, here is a short recording of your broadcast on 3926 KHz tonight, listening from 21:00 – 22:00 UTC but struggling to get much due to static crashes and noise. MP3 attached is recorded at 21:55 when signal was on one of its peaks. I think the ID was Radio Goofy so I assume this is a tribute to the sad passing of Paul. Was shocked when I read that on Friday night, he would always have a chat in the room and send a QSL for reports, he will be sadly missed.

Reception von Report Marco Hommel für Dummyload

Oktober 4th, 2020

Danke Marco!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reception report from Japan to RR

Oktober 2nd, 2020

Thanks again Shinichirou for your Report No 2 to our Station!!!

Reception report to Radio Heintje

Oktober 1st, 2020

Thanks Jan!!!!!!!!!!!