Archiv für Juni, 2019

Wild West on SW

Mittwoch, Juni 19th, 2019

Danke mal wieder Hans, so langsam komme ich bei…………

Report to Love Parade Radio from Maryland

Dienstag, Juni 18th, 2019

Hi Daniel, after a long time here now your first LPR QSL. in the last days I feel me a litte bit better and so i will start with answering (lot of) QSL cards, Greets from Dr.Geil…………

Gino heard LPR with a great signal

Montag, Juni 17th, 2019

Thanks Gino !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reception on 6321 Dr Tim

Sonntag, Juni 16th, 2019


My name is Lars Jeppesen and I live in Malmö, Sweden and are listening on a Kiwi-SDR just outside the city, in Vellinge. 
Here is a recording on the signal on 6321 at 1755 UTC on April 7, 2017. Good signal in Sweden.
If possible I would very much like a verification that I heard your station.

Reception Report to Heidi from Staffan

Samstag, Juni 15th, 2019
Hi Staffan, here is your QSL from Radio Heidi after a long time. Sorry for the long time you have to wait, but I was sick and also longer in the hospital!! Greetings from DJ Alm Öli

Reception Report to Umknown Radio

Freitag, Juni 14th, 2019

Ein ganz herzliches Dankeschön Georg für deinen ersten Report an Unknown Radio. Ich hoffe es klappt bald mal wieder. Beste Grüße………

Reception report to „Bella Italia“

Mittwoch, Juni 12th, 2019

Wie immer Frank – Danke….

Reception report Dr.Tim Special Andrea Jürgens

Dienstag, Juni 11th, 2019

Thanks again Shinichirou!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

receiving Trance AM

Montag, Juni 10th, 2019

Hello Jouni, thanks and congratulations for your first Report to the Music Sexmashine Trance AM! I hope you was full in Trance with this sound!!


Empfangsbericht für „Trance AM“

Sonntag, Juni 9th, 2019

Wie immer Frank – auch dieses mal wieder vielen Dank für diesen RR. Meinem Archiv zufolge müsste es der erste an Trance AM gewesen und somit auch die erste QSL der Station. Bis dann mal wieder……..