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Jingle Bells reception in Finland

Montag, März 25th, 2019

And again thanks Risto!!!!


Sonntag, März 24th, 2019

Thanks my Friend and DXer!!!

Reception Report Marco Hommel RDT

Samstag, März 23rd, 2019


Radio Reception Report to Russian Hooligans

Freitag, März 22nd, 2019

Thanks Claudio for No.2…………

Reception Report RRH from Japan

Donnerstag, März 21st, 2019

Hi in Nippon, I hope you receive your first QSL from the russian Hooligans now. Your Report was the first Report I received here from this date. I saw you send it at div. times…………….

kHz 6175 – Radio Dr. Tim – 06 Gennaio 2019

Mittwoch, März 20th, 2019

Thanks Franco!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Swl / Italia

Montag, März 18th, 2019

A great thanks Giovanni and a Happy New Year 2019!!!!!!!!!!!

Reception Report to RADIO CAROLINE POP PARTY – Januar 2019

Sonntag, März 17th, 2019

Abermals besten Dank!!!

Report to Trance AM from USA

Samstag, März 16th, 2019

Hallo Dan, thanks for your first Report to Trance AM – and I hope it was not the last (hi). Trance AM is not on air often, mostly with short „Test Transmisions“ on 48 meters. I hope the QSL is OK for you. Greetings and and all the best from „Mr.Tance……………“

Reception Report to THE WHITE MAN – February 2019

Freitag, März 15th, 2019

Many thanks for this det. report about our short „Crystal Testtransmission on SW!!