Archiv für Februar, 2019

Bericht „BZN“

Donnerstag, Februar 21st, 2019


Short Info/Report about your PX on 6380 KHZ (Chaos Radio)

Mittwoch, Februar 20th, 2019
Hello! Thank you so much for your reception report! I am attaching a card for you. Hopefully I am going to catch your station sometimes. Actually the station is next to Budapest, in a smaller city, but if I would say that city’s name nobody would understand it. 73s to you!

Charles Aznavour tribute

Dienstag, Februar 19th, 2019

Thanks Paul!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reception Report to WILD WEST FM #2 – October 2018

Montag, Februar 18th, 2019

Auch heute wieder mal ein herzliches Dankeschön………..

Empfangsbericht an den JODELPIRAAT – Dezember 2018

Sonntag, Februar 17th, 2019

Danke …………… müsste der Dritte gewesen sein ?

Reception report

Samstag, Februar 16th, 2019

Hi „Mr.Morii“ (hi), here is your Confirmation from 18.11.2018. I searched a long time – but this was the first Report for this Day/Date I received. I HOPE ALL IS OK NOW AND ALL REPORTS ARE CONFIRMED. Sorry also for the „fatal Error“ and I hope it all runs better in the future.

Reception report from Kyiv

Freitag, Februar 15th, 2019

Hi Alexandr, a great thanks for your report no.2 to our Station!!!

Reception Report from Minsk

Donnerstag, Februar 14th, 2019

Hi Alex, a great thanks for your first Reception Report to Radio Jingle Bells! I hope you can hear us in the last weeks of 2018 more and often!!!

Reception Report Marco Hommel 3926,4 khz for Heino Special

Mittwoch, Februar 13th, 2019

Thanks Marco!!!


Dienstag, Februar 12th, 2019

Thanks Giovanni!!!!