Archiv für Januar, 2019

e-qsls Radio Europa 3920kHz

Mittwoch, Januar 16th, 2019

Unofficial / Free Radio – Radio Europa 3920 kHz. Received these e-qsls in 1 day for email report sent to: (JGa)

RECEPTION REPORT from northern ITALIA to Radio Anonymous

Dienstag, Januar 15th, 2019

Thanks to Italy Claudio!!

Reception Report Radio Republica da Banana

Montag, Januar 14th, 2019

A great thanks SHINICHIROU!!!

e-QSL R March Music 6200 kHz

Sonntag, Januar 13th, 2019

Unofficial / Free Radio – Radio March Music 6200kHz. Received e-QSL in 8 days from (JGa)


Fading reception of Radio Republica da Banana

Samstag, Januar 12th, 2019

Thanks my Friend…..

Special „3 in 1“ Radio Spot/Promo

Donnerstag, Januar 10th, 2019

Attached hereby – a special „3 in 1 Radio Promo/Spot“ for „CoolAMRadio Productions / Achims Website- / Free Radio Magazines“

This „3 in 1“ will be in all my new „2019 CoolAMRadio“ programs which are being airplayed by Channel292 & also by relaying(s) over the North Americas by several N-Am. Pirates!

Thanks Andre

Radio Spots 3 in 1

SW-Pirate Empfangsbericht 19-02-2017

Donnerstag, Januar 10th, 2019

Thanks Jörg and have fun with the Falco Special QSL, see you later………

Reception report from Nippon

Mittwoch, Januar 9th, 2019

A great thanks again Shinichirou……..

e-QSL Radio Orion 2000 6105 kHz

Dienstag, Januar 8th, 2019

Unofficial / Free Radio – Orion 2000  6105kHz. Received this e-qsl in 3 days for email report sent to: (JGa)

Reception Report Marco Hommel – Radio Republica da Banana

Montag, Januar 7th, 2019

Thanks Marco for your first Report to our Banana Station…