Archiv für Oktober, 2018

Radio Toyota Reception report

Dienstag, Oktober 16th, 2018


Gino heard Anny………….

Montag, Oktober 15th, 2018

Greetings and thanks from Anny Gino

Bericht an „Clinic Radio“

Sonntag, Oktober 14th, 2018

Thanks Franky Boy…………….

Gino in the Disco Hell

Samstag, Oktober 13th, 2018

Thanks Gino!

RECEPTION REPORT from ITALIA for Radio Bella Italia transmission 22/01/2017

Freitag, Oktober 12th, 2018

Thanks again Claudio!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reception Report Bella Italia from Staffan

Donnerstag, Oktober 11th, 2018

Great thanks and greetings to Hisings Backe Staffan

Empfangsbericht an den JODELPIRAAT – Januar 2017

Mittwoch, Oktober 10th, 2018

Danke mal wieder bester……….

Reception on 6321 Bella Italia from Malmö

Dienstag, Oktober 9th, 2018

Thanks Lars (also known as  LHU in the world greatest Pirate chat) for Report and Clip

Reception Report Marco Hommel

Montag, Oktober 8th, 2018

Thanks again Marco……


Sonntag, Oktober 7th, 2018

Thank you very much for nice eQSL! Thanks to you, for the diffusion of Italian music! 73 Claudio