Special NEW YEAR STARTER Jingle!!!

Cool Man hat einen neutralen, von allen Stationen verwendbaren Neujahrscountdown produziert! Einfach klicken und herunterladen!!

I’ve created a „special“ Jingle which has to be started exactly 30 seconds for the hour @ 31 Dezember 2010 @ 24:00 / 0:00 hrs! 2011 !!! Its for stations who are planning to be On Air when Old/New Year changes!

total playtime = 13 minuts & if started exactly 30 seconds before the hour, you hear exact @ Top of the hour „Happy New Year 2 0 1 1“! Maybe you can add the information together with the Jingle @ your HomePage! In the jingle No Station-Id is given, so every station can use it!


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