Receiving Reggae Radio

Hello Reggae Radio ! This is my second reception of your funky sounds, because last evening I also heard you on 6301 kHz. Late evening is not a very good time to receive radio signals from Central Europe, because the 48 meter band starts to close earlier and earlier here now that autumnal equinox has passed yesterday.

Today’s reception is decent, though J Frequency=6321 kHz, signal strength= S4-7, SINPO=25332. Fading and noise are the only disturbing factors this late evening, but your good audio quality penetrates these disturbances well. Please, become convinced yourself by listening to the audio clip attached.

Thanks for the energizing music and clear station id at 20.38 UTC. I listened between 20.35 and 20.50 UTC while writing this report.

73 ! Jouni, Helsinki, Finland (actually at my summerhouse now fixing my broken remote connection to my city QTH, for more info

Thanks my friend for this nice report with audio clip! I hope you like your first QSL of Reggae Radio

Reggae Radio-5


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