Hier der überaus detaillierte RR unseres Freundes BELLABARBA an TOP RADIO. Exakt denselben bekam u.a. auch RADIO JINGLE BELLS und noch div. andere Stationen! Auch zahlreiche andere Stationsnamen wurden in der Vergangenheit im exakt den gleichen Reception Reports bedacht!!!

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Date: Tue, 15 Jan 2008 18:22:40 +0100
Subject: TOP RADIO
Bologna, 13.01.2008

Dear Friend,

I was very pleased to listen your station from Mount Donato, hill near my town, on 31.12.2007 & 01.01.2008, on a frequency of 3925 kHz, at 20.14 & 00.46 time UTC.

The overall merit of the reception quality is fair.

Details: German language; pop songs;e-mail address/German language; techno and dance music/e-mail

I am sorry that my reception report has so few details, but that is because I heard you for such a short time and under very bad reception conditions.

My receiver is a ICOM R-75, connected to a Long-Wire antenna.

My name is Giovanni, I live with my family in the city of Bologna, in the North of Italy, the population is around 380.000 inhabitants. Here is a little bit information about myself: I am 64 years old and I am married with Lucia. I started with the radio hobby back in 1975, mostly interested in FM/AM/Satellite -DX when I got my first radio with shortwave dial. Since then I listen to all kinds of stations around the world and I am still fascinated of this hobby. Beside DXing I like to travel abroad. My favourite part of the world is Asia.

I have two QTH’s which I use to DX: at home and a DX-cottage located at my soon farm with potential for long beverages during wintertime. Bologna, is located on the centre of Emilia Romagna(one of the 20 Italian regions). The town is founded by Etruschi and Romans, the city is very very important for the big and historical university, democracy, industry and gastronomy. Bologna is surrounded by a medieval town-wall and it has also got many beautiful palace and medieval church. The climate is moderated for the Appennino(mountains), average mean temperatures are 25°/39°C in summer and -9°/12°C in winter.

I would be very happy if you could send a me a card or letter of verification, to confirm my reception and some stickers about your radio. Please indicate the frequency, the date and the time of my listening. I very much hope that you will attend to this request and many thanks in advance for your assistance.

Yours sincerely,

Giovanni Bellabarba

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  1. Charlie Prince Says:

    Ja ja, Bellabarba begleitet mich auch schon seit 2 Jahrzehnten – alle 10 Jahre schickt er einen aeusserst oberflaechlichen RR! Mille grazie fuer die Ansichtskarte(n), aber No Reply wegen fehlender Details! Tanti saluti!