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Reception report from Malmö

Donnerstag, März 14th, 2019

Hi Jan, many thanks for your first Report to our station!!!!! Here is our QSL card, one of 12 motives! I hope you can hear us again in the next future. All the best for you and your Family in 2019!!

Reception report of 6240.4 on February 4 transmission

Mittwoch, März 13th, 2019

Hi Nobu, many thanks for your first Report to our seldom Station!! You heard us with a great Signal! Congratulations!!! So for your hard Job you get one of our div. QSL Cards!! Have fun with our present and check the Bands also in the next Decades about TAB!!

Empfangsbericht an WERNERS SCHLAGERWELT – Februar 2019

Dienstag, März 12th, 2019

Danke mal wieder. Du siehst – ich übertreffe mich langsam selbst mit der Geschwindigkeit betreffs der Beantwortung von RR’s! Bis dann mal wieder……..

Reception Report Bella Italia

Montag, März 11th, 2019

Hello dear Uwe, many thanks for your first report to Radio Bella Italia. I hope you liked the ital. sound and you can hear us again in the future from time to time. We are not so often on air – only short with little programs on SW. Greetings and all the best …….

Radio Carneval Live

Sonntag, März 10th, 2019

Hello dear Jouni, thanks for your new Report to RC. So here also a new QSL card for you! Greetings and still a good reception from us…….

Samstag, März 9th, 2019

Danke DOC, for the nice audio file. You have some fox cards from before, so i hope this one is new for your collection.

UKW Radio Caroline on SW

Freitag, März 8th, 2019

Thanks Davide and Congratulation for this very rare catch of Program and QSL card!

Easter Pirate Radio Hunt

Freitag, März 8th, 2019

Reception Report to „Summermeeting Radio“

Donnerstag, März 7th, 2019

Thanks Vasiliy!!!

Report to Dummyload from Maryland

Mittwoch, März 6th, 2019

Thanks Daniel !!